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Golden sepia_swirl_4 4 color_Picnik_collage-ch-ch-ch-ed fabric by khowardquilts on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches

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6.00in x 6.00in, 200 pixels/inch,
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On Basic Cotton Ultra per yard $ In stock

By Kathleen Howard

Message me for resizing designs or colors changes and turning designs 90 degrees to better use the fabric. I share an interest in fabric design with my sister ArtbyJaneWalker . I'm a quilter and have a love of fabric. I can set up photos for pillows.

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Sepia swirl with 2 inch repeat.

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khowardquilts says: I still can't seem to get the photo to show the right color. Think butterscotch.

khowardquilts uploaded a fabric image for khowardquilts's design Golden sepia_swirl_4 4 color_Picnik_collage-ch-ch-ch-ed :


Posted almost 9 years ago.


khowardquilts says: This one prints just a little more orange. I thought I would be able to offer to change the sizes, but I lost the full size designs when my computer was down. Some designs I can recreate: green, blue, and salmon as I have the hex codes recorded.

Posted almost 9 years ago.


weavingmajor says: I like this one the best. The paler blue and the golden and pink and lighter green ones would probably also print well. I think the darker ones (all the colors) you'd lose some of the design to oversaturation of the colors. <p> As to size... depends on what you're using them for... I think I like the larger, bolder ones better... this two-inch is nice but I lean towards the four-inch I think. But I'm thinking draperies or skirts... if I was doing log-cabin quilts I might like the smaller designs...

Posted almost 9 years ago.


khowardquilts says: I'm having trouble deciding what size repeat I should us for these swirl designs. This one is a 2 inch repeat. The original red one is 8 inches which seems way too big. I have one at 4 inched, another at 3 inches, two inches, and one inch. The mirrored one is one inch. Please check out the collection. I welcome comments on size and colors.

Posted almost 9 years ago.