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Horseshoe Crab Damask-Tangerine fabric by lynnbishopdesign on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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12.00in x 11.21in, 258 pixels/inch,
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By Lynn Bishop

Welcome to my shop! To request a design in a different scale, please send me a message. Consider ordering a swatch before buying yardage as colors may print a bit differently than shown here.

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©2014 Lynn Bishop All Rights Reserved

This design will make sense (read that - appeal) to very few...truly a niche market, as the horseshoe crab is very peculiar (some might say ugly) and a common sight in just a few areas of the world. There are four species, only one (Limulus polyphemus) of which is found in North America - along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from Maine to Mexico. The other three species are found in Southeast Asia. They have survived pretty much unchanged for 445 million years. They molt as they grow, so perfect replicas of themselves, including all their legs and under structure, can be found scattered around the beaches. I have found molts from as small as half an inch in diameter to maybe 10 -12 inches not including the tail. I grew up with these fascinating creatures and vaguely remember I might have done some unkind things to a couple of them. This is my homage to a remarkable survivor who has a special place in my heart. That said - If you live on the east coast of the US, I think this would be totally cool wallpaper!

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lynnbishopdesign says: Thanks, Amy! Living in the desert, I only get to see them for a couple of weeks in the summer now - if I'm lucky. Not this summer though…boo hoo! I appreciate the comment - they ARE amazing creatures, and I had such fun creating this design!

Posted over 5 years ago.


amy_g says: Lynn, they are fascinating lucky you are to be able to see them in real life! I have only ever been able to view them on sea life documentaries. You have captured them beautifully in this gorgeous and elegant design!

Posted over 5 years ago.


lynnbishopdesign says: Thanks Moira!

Posted over 5 years ago.


moirarae says: Love the shapes in this - the crabs and the seaweed - brilliant combination!

Posted over 5 years ago.