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Katie Tandlmayer

Pittsburgh PA

Shop Tags

geometric, sfaut15, nature, floral, modern, leaf, basic, blue, garden, small,

flower, ditsy, dot, diamond, vintage, watercolor, simple, stripes, hand drawn, dots, leaves, spring, polka dot, texture, green, Organic, star, abstract, holiday, yellow, calendar, mid-century, bright, pink, tea towel, cut and sew, project, red, fall, triangle, colorful, teal, fun, flowers, easter, starburst, white, gift, cat, whale, arrow, chevron, pastel, fat quarter, tulip, arrows, kit, ocean, foliage, whimsical, forest, patchwork, sea, sew, cross, wind, pincushion, summer, coordinate, polka dots, bloom, home decor, space, grow, stars, bird, seedling, water, 2017, graphic, stripe, fireworks, trellis, woven, 2016, blowing, weave, autumn, sky, plant, indigo, purple, crosshatch, botanical, wild flower, derby, meadow, food, eye, roller, bold, fish, sf926hal13, season, city, roosteryfqteatowel, square, plants, chevrons, orange, rainbow, underwater, scandinavian, mud cloth, rain, tan, ink, shark, scattered, christmas, design challenge, limited color palette, ornament, xmas, retro, birds, evergreen, grey, animals, cheerful, flying, nautical, sketch, kites, animal, lemon, black, sun, flight, grain, weather, plushie, phone, brown, panel, 2017 calendars, art deco, wave, daisy, skyline, trees, pennsylvania, kitty, pittsburgh, kitchen, winter, pa, grid, and, cheery, fruit, fresh, strips, pattern, watercolors, folk art, feline, love, lime, collection, swedish folk art, hawaiian, citrus, coral, sandwich, pen, fall leaf, cloud, party, bats, woodland, circle, hexagon, cave, clouds, Baby, kite, bat, woods, quilt, wheat, vine, doodle, cheater, black and white
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