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Bri Lehman

Boulder Colorado USA

Artist, architect, vagabond. All designs are copyrighted but products you make with them are ok for sale. I'd also love to see what you make with my designs if you'd like to share!

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graphic, modern, cement tile, moroccan, geometric, repeating pattern, white, nursery, midcentury, Baby,

kids, children, muted, gray, diagonal, squares, monochrome, blue, diamonds, black, green, circle, vintage, yellow, matching set, pink, red, lines, plaid, midcentury modern, mustard, retro, white smoke, tile, indigo, colorful, pastel, boxes, battleship gray, gingham, check, matching, stripes, textile, citrine, black and white, hand-painted watercolor, purple, illustrated, rain, hand drawn, baby nursery, picnic, traditional, stripe, bright, baby blue, diamond, sketchy, hand-drawn, monochromatic, orange, coordinating pattern, cactus, buffalo check, gold, onyx, tartan, saguaro, buffalo plaid, midmod, mod, watercolour, terra cotta, rose quartz, mid-mod, grey, blanket, desert, clouds, raindrop, holiday, funky, grid, groovy, ebony black, traditional pattern, mustard yellow, islamic art, peach, home decor, dots, floral, german, 60s, triangle, austrian, mustard green, coral, bohemian, boho, hex, summer, mid century modern, bold, preppy, vegetables, southwestern, southwest, rainy, fall, tan, beachy, sfaut15, drawing, garden, watercolor, global, 70s, bedding, hanky, geometric pattern, teal, hexagonal, abstract, moroccan tiles, hearts, girl, navy, christmas, easter, knit, rainbow, japan, neon, woodsy, saffron, ethnic, painted, turquoise, grayscale, fair isle, colorful pattern, baby boy, tropical, cloud, vegetable, outdoors, morroccan, botanical, african art, living coral, autumn, texture, coordinating, fun, limited color palette, mint, monstera, simple, celadon, handkerchief, fruit, design challenge, circles, spring, box, vintage moroccan tile, ebony, hex tile
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