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Jena Scott

Seattle WA USA

Shop Tags

lines, geometric, circles, flowers, floral, loopy, spirals, spring, angles, summer,

dots, sketch, squiggles, fish, drawn, squares, polka dots, pattern, black and white, green, optical, spots, snakes, flora, pink, diamonds, grey, characters, sticks, underwater, crescents, feathers, asian, starburst, science, crossed, leaves, serpent, ocean, curves, scribble, twisty, holes, black, blue, garden, hindi, nature, deep sea, loop, colorful, purple, birds, twist, plaid, star, hash, insects, stripes, retro, modern, hindu, fruit, red, sf926hal13, quilt, wasps, owls, transistor, sea, sfaut15, bright, scribbles, textures, parrots, flaps, concentric, white, stacked, yellow, double, swan, loops, moons, bugs, radio waves, stars, fleas, mothballs, forest, microscopic, raspberries, brain, trees, neutral, repeat, pearls, circuit, rectangles, snake, cloudy, skies, snails, grass, calligraphy, chevron, fluffy, fauna, nautical, antique, zodiac, spray, scales, wolf, animals, lobster, frilly, honeycomb, dragons, blooms, orange, puffy, balls, globe, abstract, clouds, creepy, beetles, furry, camel, slivers, oriental, gray, earthy, tulip, straight, berries, doodles, curly, beige, water, monochrome, worms, sparkle, words, blues, bats, celestial, earth, plants, curvy, plateau, lilac, cat, cyanotype, damask, planets, hatch, kitten, biology, crochet, cosmology, doodle, urchins, crosshatch, feline, doilies, seaweed, rainbow, vegetables, creatures, salmon, mouse, coral, bubbles, fishnet, squiggle, cross, mid-century, curved, snakeskin, segments, character, square, wool, maps, moon