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Sheila Delgado

Wildomar CA United States

Artist, designer. Thanks for visiting my shop. All designs are available for licensing. If you would like a pattern in alternate colors, just let me know.*

Shop Tags

quilt, home decor, summer, blue, yellow, green, feminine, white, cream, red,

modern, bold, floral, stripe, native american, watercolor, southwest, graphic, african, girls, nature, sfaut15, mudcloth, orange, fun, black, purple, spring, flower, whimsical, fashion, simple, desert, garden, caramel, horse, solid, pink, boys, christian, american indian, teepee, food, clay, masculine, church, tan, terra cotta, bee, warm, fish, faith, children, hand-drawn, petroglyph, ichthys, coordinate, flowers, leaf, deer, kiwi, rust, gold, ocean, sun, turquoise, abstract, ranunculus, girl, tribal, tropical, nautical, kitchen, lettering, mid-century, sailing, sea, botanical, terracotta, winter, lime, kenya, insect, soft, sunny, people, leaves, holiday, arrow, hippie, western, cheater quilt, grey, sewing notions, bell, check, kids, neon, cross, woodgrain, Quilting, cave painting, farmers market, fabric8, snowflakes, mango, bear, stars, peach, christmas, vintage, history, bright, hand drawn, calm, tent, cosmic voyage, island, religion, sand, clothing, burgundy, shells, mountains, reading, , spots, chevron, books, patriotic, plum, rustic, bells, star, fruit, brown, spiritual, citrus, lavender, bell pepper, playful, lake, lemon, indigo, teal, pony express, sage, moon, pen and ink, edible, americana, japanese, military, african inspired, grass, starfish, ancient, seamstress, joy, fall, graffiti, sky, space, typography, seahorse, outer space, vegetables, dots, tribe, geek, silver, fuchsia, traditional, cowboy, creme, sailboat, animal, circles, frogs, horse shoe
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