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Stacy Shamblin

Nitro West Virginia United States

Shop Tags

miniature, playscale, white, black, doll, blue, plaid, red, grey, green,

paisley, bandanna, brown, pink, cherry red, gray, yellow, check, flower, floral, dot, diamond, scales, scale, gingham, buffalo check, cafe noir, stripe, coffee, polka dot, necktie, navy blue, phthalo green, cornflower blue, golden yellow, camouflage, bow, striped, tie, crayon red, pastel pink, hairband, light grey, powder blue, sfaut15, heart, hearts, cherry blossom, blossom, cornflower, purple, orange, greyscale, grayscale, denim blue, party, amber, confetti, calico, tan, baby pink, powder pink, maize yellow, Denim, powder, dogtooth, pied-de-poule, stars, harlequin, rose, crayon green, houndstooth, navy, hounds tooth, dogstooth, circle, pinstripe, canary yellow, business, primary blue, suit, primary, bright, coral, multicolor, pumpkin orange, sky, camo, geometric, sepia, branches, tree, holiday, triangle, clouds, square, light gray, ocean, curlicue, swirl, curl, checkerboard, swirly, apple green, animals, fern green, curly, polar bear, blender, wolf, abstract, arctic, gingerbread, seal, beluga, bottle green, wallpaper, bronze brown, ginger, whale, cookie, acrylic, rosy brown, frosting, hand painted, painted, indigo, medium green, festive, ice, herringbone, baking, light violet, violet, cyan, pigment violet, army, cerulean, khaki, fishscale, wierd, army green, fish, multicolored, maroon, military, Baby, mermaid, ugly necktie, tomato red, baby shower, fin, night, maze, sparkle, dusty, labyrinth, pastel, rose brown, greek key, magenta, argyle, dusty rose, rose pink
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