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Kevin K.

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Hi, I am just a Melbourne based designer with a love and Obsession for digital printed textiles. @2014- 2020 All Design Images Posted By Kevin Kok May Not Be Copied, Printed Or Otherwise Disseminated Without The Express Written Permission

Shop Tags

abstract floral, mirrored repeat, moroccan, multicoloured, butterfly wings, strong, half drop repeat, lavender purple, vibrant, morrocan,

burnt orange, bold, goldenrod, floral abstract, yellow gold, geometric, baby pink, hot pink, valentines, stained glass, cobalt blue, hearts, kaleidoscope, baby blue, lemon yellow, cherub, metallic, coral pink, cupid, multicolour, deep red, repeat pattern, light green, pastel, prism, purple, single repeat, mirrored, half drop, blue tones, orange red, mint green, asian inspired, emerald green, bowties, gold yellow, rainbow colored, amber, bright, gold, 3d, fuchia, abstract, lucid, pixel, floral, architectural, pastel colors, angels, orange, brightly colored, auspicious, symmetrical, yellow, metallic gold, navy blue, bow ties, luminous, ruby red, love, optical illusion, creamy, pixelated, cool colours, 1960s, royal blue, low poly, pop art, prancing pony, surreal, rose gold, traditional calico, pink, gemstones, repeated, koi fish, circular shapes, diamond, kaleidoscopic, royal purple, colourful, clean lines, angel, artdeco, lavender, heart, prismatic, hotpink, terracotta, warm tones, basic repeat, turquoise, flesh, cerulean, necktie, southwest, abstract butterfly, salmon, yellow highlights, repeat, baby bedding, mini flowers, light salmon pink, yin yang, snow white, light mint green, salmon color, art deco, purple lavender, lime green, 1960 s, argyle, tangerine, streamlined, skyblue, abstract illustration, deep purple, orange yellow, good luck, 1920s, lions, stainedglass, prussian blue, love hearts, maroon, starlight, rich textures, sunny, golden tainoi, gunmetal blue, multi coloured, holiday, rainbow, teal, ornament, golden rod, boarder
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