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Patty Sloniger

Houston TX

Hi there, I'm a package designer, illustrator, fabric junkie... and a licensed textile designer. Thanks for stopping by!

Shop Tags

pattysloniger, vintage, nature, whimsical, illustration, animals, home dec, geometric, damask, sfaut15,

abstract, ikat, Baby, dots, large scale repeats, floral, gray, stripes, yellow, contest, blue, holiday, green, flower, houndstooth, peach, quilt, leaves, pink, drawing, woodland, watercolor, pattern, ocean, fun, sweet, black and white, leaf, elegant, classic, bird, boy, happy, botanical, bicycle, tandem, spoonflower contest, christmas, modern, bike, flowers, tree, sf926hal13, fox, sea, girl, skull, les amis, ditsy, geo, snail, silver, fish, aqua, children, halloween, forest, ride, rabbit, project selvege, bunny, backyard baby, handdrawn, bug, seed, insect, gothic, cheater, cheater quilt, owl, kawaii, home, 2012, anemone, dec, acorn, mushroom, peony, cabbage, woods, rose, vines, lime, butterfly, tulip, purple, ranunculus, berries, project selvage, child, navy, black, flora, letters, gold, seashell, triangles, coral, toy, fronds, kitchen, honeycomb, type, teal, small, mustard, food, sketch, suitcase, cook, branch, carrots, bugs, chic, mustache, animal, love, garden, lily, poppy, travel, grid, waves, roosteryse2018, fern, orange peel, squid, hydrangea, fruit, beach, farm, chipmunk, turtle, tribal, dolphin, tractor, sampler, shell, brown, polka dots, fireflies, water, traveler, maze, red, orange, toile, cute, ants, hand drawn, calendar, snake, summer, citrus, bright, name, bee, blossom, chickadee, sea turtle, large, honey, hawaiian quilt, wheels, jude, squirrel, hst, kit, french, birds, meadow, ladybug, robot
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