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Maritta Jones


Artist & designer. All designs © mariden.

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geometric, floral, botanical, modern, flowers, classic, sfaut15, black and white, stripe, abstract,

summer, colorful, stars, christmas, watercolor, halloween, sfaut1915off, sf926hal13, mod, scallops, tropical, nature, blue, leaves, stripes, fruit, gold, chevron, marine, autumn, spring, fall, fun, trees, retro, hawaii, neutral, home decor, beach, celebration, holiday, limited palette, tiki, cocktails, love, champagne, tribal, tea towel, kisses, garden, prohibition cocktails, lips, linen, gingham, california, snowflakes, malibu, party, pink, festive, glitter, hearts, wallpaper, pantone, contemporary, minimal, night, nautical, hibiscus, december, spooky, circles, starfish, tie dye, pantone colors, winter, tulips, palm trees, orange, sage green, new years, multicolor, diamond, insects, pumpkins, digital, october, blue and white, yellow, dots, hot pink, purple, wildflower, polka dots, ogee, prairie, hawaiian symbols, scandi, drums, moon, valentines day, lemon, sand, caribbean, gray, roosteryfqteatowel, birds, decor, ocean, dahlias, ditsy, natural, bohemian, bats, crosses, bold, 2017, creepy, red and white, greenery, squares, arrows, home, pantone spring colors, grey, fireworks, butterfly, boho, surfboards, hippie, florals, shibori, butterflies, friday night fireworks hilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort, insect, fig, african, vintage, spiders, cloud, black cats, fiesta, surf, playful, triangles, mudcloth, confetti, pop art, color pop, red and green, matisse, palm tree, clouds, pastel, berry, mid century modern
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