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Wendy Sloan

Metro area Washington DC

I create original art for my own products and sometimes release the art for sale only via Spoonflower. All of my designs are Copyright Wendy Sloan. Many designs are registered with the US copyright office. Please contact me for licensing in USA only.

Mainsail_studio's News


su_g commented on mainsail_studio's design:

Alpaca Tea Towel landscape3
Alpaca Tea Towel landscape3
Sweet and quirky - with just it's head showing! And lovely colouring and portrait (although hard to tell as the swatch gives no insight, literally). In the thumbnail you just see the very top of its head - which of course made *me* look - but maybe not others? Reading your descriptive note & copyright protective statement I'm thinking these things are deliberate? And that you too have been burned by the SCAmazon & other thievery epidemic currently raging? I hope not! - but you might want to check out Kara Peters (another SF designer trying to do something about it)'s blog entry: COPYRIGHT ISSUES: Amazon @
Posted 6 days ago.