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Lotti Brown

York Yorkshire UK

I am an artist and designer from Yorkshire, UK, inspired by nature. Let me know if you'd like any of these designs in a different scale to suit your project and if possible I'll make it so! Currently taking time away from the computer until 7th May '19.

Shop Tags

quirky, fun, floral, greyhound, blue, dog, bold, dark, modern, garden,

nature, owl, bright, botanical, shell, art nouveau, flowers, green, dramatic, beach, sfaut15, seaside, pink, dragon, summer, sea shell, frog, pretty, swirls, purple, coast, shells, frogs, folksy, sew, sewing, animal, intricate, coastal, sewing machine, tattoo, teal, novelty, yellow, red, hand drawn, colorful, fox, rabbit, fantasy, flower, animals, kids, hare, neutral, cat, mouse, traditional, tropical, seashell, pattern, orange, peacock, retro, vibrant, nostalgic, folk, camo, luxurious, hares, poppy, heritage, sea shells, woodland, feminine, contemporary, rose, gray, physalis, circles, craft, stripe, lilac, colourful, gold, vintage, froggie, japanese, soft, jasper, funky, abstract, fresh, mauve, rabbits, girly, classic, mussel, roses, brown, sea, owls, bird, limpet, white, striking, maritime, coral, sixties, daisies, picasso, natural, daisy, scribbly, feather, taupe, seventies, multicolor, peach, circle, ethnic, boho, paisley, seashells, peacock feathers, watery, exotic, flamingo, fuchsia, sophisticated, leaves, foxy, foliage, plants, art deco, multi color, folk art, pistachio, spring, feathers, mussels, whirling, meadow, turquoise, ditsy, aqua, lime green, bud, olive, stalk, stone, masculine, subtle, whippet, water, autumn, lurcher, grey, wildflower, playful, night, unusual, painted, orb, dream, texture, climbing, tulip, lichen, fishing, coffee, arts and crafts, jewel, foxglove, decorative, lime, loops, trees, neutrals, strawberry, magenta, mint, swirly, opulent, textural, cobwebs
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