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Liz Sawyer

Atlanta, GA USA

Thank you for taking a look at my designs! I’d love to see your finished projects. @lizsawyerdesign Please contact me for custom scale or color changes. Designs available for licensing. ©Liz Sawyer lizsawyerdesign @

Shop Tags

home decor, sunshine, kitchen decor, modern, baby decor, hand-drawn, baby clothes, bohemian, scandinavian, folk art,

blue, arrows, watercolor painting, scales, astrology, retro, chevron, eclipse, clouds, solar eclipse, chevrons, animals, green, midcentury modern, watercolor chevron, farm, yellow, mid mod, sun, swedish folk art, sf926hal13, watercolor, cream, moon, dala rabbit, boho, tea towel, baby girl, navy, dala horse, nautical, swedish horse, sailboats, dala rooster, bathroom decor, baby swaddle blanket, dala pig, dala cat, orange, tribal, teal, diamond, modern baby, spanish tiles, ceramic tile, talavera tile, gold, mexican tiles, sailing, indigo, roosteryfqteatowel, grey, monochromatic, nature, halloween, watercolor stripes, spooky, swaddle fabric, spiderweb, spider, cocktails, web, neon, christmas, spider web, dia de los muertos, boats, webbing, ships, red, halloween spider, neutral baby, classic halloween, beach house decor, monochrome, pink, clothing, sailing ships, holiday, watercolor clouds, cotton stalks, cocktail recipe, transportation, cotton bloom, mermaid scales, retro bar cart, silver, vintage, sails, cotton vine, alcohol drink, atomic age, food, rustic farmhouse, zigzags, 1950s, mid mod christmas, recipe, cotton, farmhouse, starburst, burlap, geometric, hearts, wrapping paper, sfaut15, valentine, cotton plant, black chevron, christmas paper, coral, marker, recipe tea towel, hand sketched, valentines, kitchen tools, modern farmhouse, graphic, stripes, cotton balls, baby boy, cocktail, leaves, girls, martini, farmhouse decor, cotton bolls, purple
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