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Aimee O'Boyle

Lenexa Kansas United States

KC based surface pattern designer in love with all printed things and obsessed with colors in every hue Tag us on Instagram #laineandleo @laineandleo


Shop Tags

geometric, sfaut15, stripes, spring, floral, flower, stripe, protea, desert, origami,

insects, chevron, dot, bohemian, boho, bugs, leaf, petal, polkadot, dots, paper, tribal, carnival, blossom, paradise, circus, herringbone, geo, proteas, hibiscus, tropical, striped, cosmos, tiny, snowflake, butterfly, native, blooms, wings, camping, tweed, beetles, easter, flowers, anemones, foliage, nature, forest, winter, pattern, native american, toucan, plumeria, hawaii, ditsy floral, surfing, surf, peony, polkadots, surfer, surfboard, tribe, spirograph, scouts, spiro, plaid, ikat, pinstripe, science, abstract, anemone, diamonds, harlequin, birds, palm, seasonal, mushroom, bloom, toadstool, daisy, beetle, bees, garden, pineapple, outdoors, houndstooth, banana leaf, checkered, picnic, smores, checks, glass, woody, modern, mountains, jungle, leaves, zigzag, lines, butterfly wing, jars, gingham, parrot, feathers, state fair, painted feathers, wasp, cactus, horizontal, tents, succulent, wilderness, patterned, succulents, checkerboard, desert flower, mimosa, butterflies, dusty miller, trees, large floral, tickets, kilim, fungi, confetti, rock, woods, rides, shell, splatter, summer, marshmallows, swiss dot, rock formation, cabins, zig zag, beach, crocus, bonfire, meadow, beach ball, daffodil, graham, art deco, snow, prizes, pineapples, boyscout, cold, cone flower, parakeet, spot, sprout, frost, echinacea, blossoms, bud, flakes, large dot, canopy, badges, circles, blanket, frond, patches, crosshatch, vintage, s mores, games, merit, moth, woodland, birch, bikini, fern, drops, acorn, snail, splash
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