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jennifer starchvill

westmont illinois usa

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I doodle a lot. Sometimes I take pictures. Every now & then, I turn those arts into patterns.

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abstract, stripes, geometric, dots, whimsical, ink, nature, watercolor, earth science, flowers,

animals, scribble, robots, circles, lines, tribal, vines, swirls, black & white, floral, colorful, geology, black and white, Baby, pink, kids, girls, bohemian, rock, funky, easter egg, garden, marker, boys, retro, scatter, ocean, painting, hawaii, rainbow colors, inspired, bikes, stars, parts, plaid, dinosaurs, wild, robot, lava, mod, flower, curves, african, black&white, hand drawn, cars, 70s, bizarre, hearts, cheater, machines, quilt, green, diamond shapes, chevrons, silly, ditsy, blue, large scale repeats, trees, psychedelic, limited palette, masculine, zig zag, comic, aviation, weird, love, aircraft, butterfly, sun, diamonds, squares, liquid, mandala, birds, abstract painting, graffiti, doodle, bright, clouds, plants, fun, scribbles, children, alien plant life, kisses, valentine, photo, girl, hugs, xoxo, shapes, easter, toddler, 80 s, rainbow, sea, cut & sew patterns, mirror repeat, graphic, computer, modern, polkadots, matisse inspired, squiggles, dendrology, blobs, red, fantasy, botany, spring, star, monsters, propeller, creatures, starburst, surreal, airplane, sunburst, flight, holiday, sf926hal13, curvy lines, words, volcano, palette limited, weather, letters, waves, cheater quilt, colors, sound effects, black, climate, edgy, unique, botanical, pinstripes, pastels, quilts, texture, nuts, bolts, desert, geek, tropical, independence, binary, tree bark, sfaut15, engine, prehistoric, impressionist, vintage, mint, intricate, butterflies, matisse, grid, daisy, code, polk a dots, jellyfish, coral, loop, volcanology, yellow, large scale, urban, purple
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