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Patricia Keith

Vancouver Canada

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velvety, nappy, faux suede, velveteen, coordinated, mix and match, geometric design, relief texture, textile art, toweling,

imitation velvet, terry cloth, african inspired, , ethnic, lime green, wicker, black and white, fiber art, geometric, rattan pattern, woven textile, powder blue, pale pastel, dappled depth, abstract, lattice, powder pink, lilac, stripe, tribal, zigzag, pale adobe, plaid, snakeskin, ethnic inspired, spider web, stripes, pale green, medallion, bark cloth, petal pattern, lavender lilac, diamond mesh, feather pattern, pink, baby blue, traditional, spearhead, tribal shield, spinal bones, animal print, chevron, crosshatch, tribal inspired, lavender, floral, gingham, pastel adobe, pastel green, aztec, popular contrast, snake stripe, fan pattern, woven weave, egyptian squares, hieroglyphics, striped arch, blush, crisscross, ribbing, leaf green, white, repeat pattern, string lace, delicate web, sage green, pinwheel, dusty pink, sandy, soft green, bold contrast, lilac lavender, dusty blue, maroon, weave, scooped chevron, reversed lace, delicate lace, petal ornament, diamond, rattan, brown, nubby, popular trend, mud cloth, tapa, modern tapas, pinwheel pattern, pale pink, african-inspired, mossy, wicker ware, african influence, intricate, Denim, tribal influence, green, purple, op art, rows, textured, bent wood, modern decor, pastel, ribbed, shimmering, crocodile hide, tribal motif, spinning, tribal stripe, diamond pattern, bars, white on pink, animal texture, reptilian, pastel pink, pale lilac, abstract petals, totem motif, twirl pattern, indigenous influence, totem, fan, pastel lilac
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