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2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Shannon Obrien

Brooklyn NY

Esobee Craft by Shannon O’Brien. Message me for licensing, color/scale changes. All designs ©Shannon D. O'Brien. Please tag me as the artist on products. Slight color variations can happen; I recommend ordering a sample before purchasing yardage.

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abstract, blue, pink, green, yellow, red, purple, geometric, colorful, bright,

black, detailed, ornate, orange, bold, loud, white, teal, retro, circles, hand drawn, cartoon, Organic, lines, character, dark, pastel, novelty, tile, hand-drawn, , dots, fun, gold, pen and ink, brown, rainbow, warm, watercolor, black and white, squares, pale, light blue, cream, cute, christmas, vintage, intricate, maximalist, goofy, neon, circle, primary, hearts, stripes, cross, holidays, rust, halloween, 70s, winter, 80s, optical illusion, pop, stars, doodle, dense, stripe, chunky, gray, gritty, flower, cool, cold, violet, digital, mustard, abstact, texture, 60s, snow, pokadots, twist, mid century, flowers, valentine, jewel tone, triangles, mauve, large scale, 1970, 1970dc, floral, limited color palette, kids, random, pastels, swirl, lavendar, dark gray, industrial, diamond, crosses, festive, kaleidoscope, square, minimalist, monochrome, organic pattern, holiday, hot pink, characters, clashing, fuzzy, mid-century, spring, plaid, cat, faces, navy blue, monster, magenta, wacky, folk, fuschia, light green, bohemian, primary colors, ink, mandala, sfaut1915off, spirals, melted, contrast, design challenge, faux dutch african, people, mirror image, loose, ice, 6d2e83, salmon, christmas ornaments, 3d, diamonds, snowflakes, pattern, mod, funny, eggs, hand carved stamp, zigzag, sky, kaleidoscopedc, sun, glow, cheerful, weave, old fashioned, rustic, peach, neutral bedding, simple, grid, bedding, marker, wings, mandalas, easter, beddingdc, fan, spiral, valentines, confetti, children
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