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Natalie Perkins

Queensland Australia

I love to make things! I sew my own clothes and sell the bumbags I make, along with laser cut jewellery and patches.

Definatalie's News


littlewombatcrafts commented on definatalie's design:

Fairy Bread on Pink
Fairy Bread on Pink
Hi, are you able to make this on a smaller scale for kids clothes like leggings and t-shirts? Thanks ☺️
Posted about 1 year ago.

amy_g commented on definatalie's design:

Australian Birbs (dark)
Australian Birbs (dark)
Now these are some gorgeous birds, Natalie!!!!
Posted over 1 year ago.

sewamazeballs commented on definatalie's design:

Vegemite Toast
Vegemite Toast
When will this be available for purchase?
Posted over 1 year ago.

definatalie uploaded a project photo for definatalie's design:

Iced Vovo on white
I made this dress from a 1997 McCall's pattern, and I'm super stoked!
Posted over 1 year ago.