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Lynn Boissin

Burgdorf Switzerland

Self taught pattern designer & artist. Send me a message for changes in size, etc. Feel free to sell anything you produce with purchased fabric from my shop. Please tag me (#boissindesign & @lynnboissin) in social media posts! All designs ©BoissinDesign

Shop Tags

boissindesign, watercolor, stained glass, art deco, sfaut15, wolf, waves, scales, scallops, blue,

food, red, dolphins, butterfly, ocean, orange, mermaid scales, abstract, moon, solids, summer, mosaic, water, marble, fantasy, geometrical, green, sf926hal13, insects, animals, winter, pineapple, solid, diamonds, yummy, halloween, floral, gold, teal, flowers, cats, pink, single color, texas, roosteryfqteatowel, juicy, yellow, nursery, fruits, nature, tropical fruit, silver, spooky, chinese, trick or treat, cute, forest, tea towel, refreshing, africa, birds, dragon, feathers, soft, sea, party, sky, night, arches, trees, sunny, shapes, sea life, pieces, shenlong, dreamy, monochrome, witch, monster, healthy, amber, flower, flying, circles, leaves, geometric, tropical, woodland, elegant, dessert, rocks, florals, skeleton, mountains, wolves, thicket, pumpkins, geology, fragments, horny toads, mythical, black, fruit, t-rex, large scale fragmentation, creature, 2019, elegant holiday, one color, owl, butterflies, beast, 2019 calendars, catoween, feather, arch, golden, home decor, bats, princess, fire, fluffy, light green, maritime, long, bear, ghost, hawaii, geometric shapes, grass, orange and black, vegetarian, ocean animals, air, lampions, mother of pearl, blood, shells, gems, lone star, seahorse, dog, nacre, palm trees, mermaid, hills, grey, pastel, vegan, sea turtles, japan, insect, dots, meadow, dinosaurs, arctic animals, paper, animal, dracula, arctic foxes, origami, festive, illustration, festival, garden, fish, sand, pointillism, cupcakes, snow, tombstone, brontosaurus, pond, fox, triangles, tasty, lizards, koi fish, tribal