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Anneke Doorenbosch


Welcome and thanks for visiting! All work is Copyright © Anneke Doorenbosch. Feel free to sell finished items made with my designs. Please credit me in your product description. Thank you!

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anneke doorenbosch, modern, abstract, geometric, stripes, ivory, lines, gray, green, hand drawn,

blue, grey, bohemian, white, painted, shapes, teal, charcoal, retro, black and white, tribal, small, boho, black, ikat, pastel, home decor, texture, neutral, navy, dots, monochrome, faux-uni, circles, random, tiny, celadon, irregular, emerald, brown, red, scandinavian, zigzag, scale, minimalistic, brushstrokes, horizontal, dark, terrazzo, brush stroke, trendy, beige, grid, ethnic, checkered, loops, orange, brush, check, sfaut15, diamond, contemporary, farmhouse, chevron, bold, spots, imperfect, sepia, dusty, nursery, camel, brush strokes, muted, bright, hexagon, floral, plaid, geo, birds, shibori, geese, tie dye, art, cream, mid century modern, honeycomb, squares, large scale, looping, violet, crimson, midnight, deep, off-white, vertical, trend, flying, scatter, mod, polka dots, diagonal, strokes, crisscross, stripe, op art, petrol, fine, thin, large, linen, blob, circle, scales, embroidery, goose, stitch, migratory, handpainted, battleship gray, baby girl, woven, stone, aztec, weave, cobalt, baby boy, painterly, purple, yellow, directional, speckled, all directions, colorful, spot, caligraphy, coral, vintage, scallops, speckles, ticking, tan, indigo, lace, paint, artistic, graphic, loopings, cardinal, pattern, curves, midnight blue, distort, turquoise, interior, cyan, Denim, line, reverse, walnut, cerulean, graphic design, light, psychedelic, baby blue, burgundy, rectangles, marble, curve, waves, painting, marbled, wavy, lavender, russet, speckle, olive, small scale, dash, kelly, dashes, offwhite, big, circular, stroke, triangles, ovals, pink
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