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New! Custom-printed table linens

Angel Gerardo


Art + Surface Design from Phoenix, Arizona • Licensing inquiries, please contact me via my website • Custom requests, please contact me via Spoonflower • I'd love to see what you create! Tag me @angelgerardo_ on IG • All designs © Angel Gerardo

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hand painted, floral, geometric, flowers, botanical, bohemian, stripes, leaves, boho, sfaut15,

abstract, watercolor, small scale, woodland, hand drawn, berries, tropical, marigold, gold, fruit, sweet, modern, coral, mustard, navy, forest, mint, circles, summer, diamonds, pretty, nautical, ocean, flora, soft, spring, strawberries, blue, fall, living coral, orange, squares, retro, greenery, teal, baby boy, fish, strawberry, pink, shibori, shibori inspired, blush, harvest, sun, color block, anchors, apples, plants, stripe, green, autumn, desert, love, cactus, southwest, cacti, avocado, succulents, graphic, starburst, christmas, rust, teacher, mid century modern, back to school, rainbow, birds, mermaid, ochre, opulent, stamped, pine, hearts, indigo, shells, cobalt, sunset, lagoon, vegetables, triangles, carrots, verdigris, holiday, trees, pride, butterflies, red and green, baby blue, math, salad, science, leaf, cat treats, grassland, purple, tan, beach, garden, olive, scales, jungle, slate, valentine, amber, easter, paint by number, stars, healthy, rose quartz, candy, fun, mudcloth, unicorns, painterly, brown, art, moon, unicorn, carrot, winter, rose pink, music, camping, mythical, sage, deer, school, butterfly, sf926hal13, apple core, chevron, hexagons, yellow, food, bananas, pineapples, australian, dramatic, seashells, peaches, cherries, eucalyptus, peach, boy wonder, australian flora, bones, gender neutral, pumpkin, fishbones, pears, fishing, eggplant, mushrooms, words, cornflower, banana leaf
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