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Anastasiia Kucherenko

The designs in this shop are created by Anastasiia and Nataliia Kucherenko

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vector, pattern, seamless, flower, blue, cute, doodle, vintage, retro, floral,

cool, brown, nature, whimsical, sfaut15, abstract, red, heart, bird, pink, geometric, green, childish, cartoon, grey, white, love, illustration, texture, lovely, art, leaf, line, black, tile, dot, blossom, city, butterfly, dress, yellow, spring, map, background, natural, orange, stripes, summer, bright, fabric, design, dots, drop, building, large scale repeats, christmas, beige, elegant, ornament, hand drawn, polka, stripe, holiday, colorful, popular, tender, children, night, rain, autumn, animals, space, cut & sew patterns, victorian, modern, winter, spaceship, wallpaper, color, xmas, food, water, star, watercolor, home, urban, sea, knit, watercolour, diamond, house, ocean, tree, town, textile, animal, valentine, snow, sweet, emotion, grass, new year, interesting, purple, grunge, fashion, funky, leaves, spoon, circle, birds, farm, dark, backdrop, faded, decoration, kucherenko, sweater, underwater, square, mermaid, feather, beautiful, forest, decorative, rocket, old, tea, anniversary, repeating, greeting, quilt, china, symbol, graphic, street, aged, paris, european, diagonal, australia, artistic, girl, zigzag, marine, set, banner, classic, melbourne, russia, amazing, girlie, flowers, naval, decor, tiny, clip, style, arrow, bee, nice, feeling, fish, deer, tribal, ornate, honeycomb, asian, best, turkish, swirl, hand, collection, kids, wedding, african, sunflower, kitchen, element, alphabet, marriage, silhouette, royal, splash, english, umbrella, damask, kid, paper, planet, lace, repeat, jumper, snowflake, baroque, grungy, vertical, birthday
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