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Custom printed fabric and more

Supporting independent designers as the world's largest Marketplace for eco-friendly, printed-on-demand:

Fabric Wallpaper Gift Wrap
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Design Tools

The Spoonflower Color Map

Color Map

The Color Map helps you with color matching and prints onto one full yard of any of our fabrics or onto 4ft of wallpaper. It has over 1400 color chips and their hex codes.


The Spoonflower Color Guide

Color Guide

This 8"x8" swatch of printed Basic Cotton Ultra has 171 color chips and their hex codes. You can use the guide with design programs and the Spoonflower color changer.

$1.00 USD
The Spoonflower Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Each Sample Pack contains a 4” x 4” colorfully printed swatch of each of our fabrics plus printed samples of wallpaper and gift wrap. Shipping is free!

$3.00 USD
Cover of the Spoonflower Handbook

The Spoonflower Handbook

Give the gift of textile design! The Spoonflower Handbook puts surface design for fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap well within the reach of creative people everywhere. In English only.

$24.75 USD

12 Days of Design

12 Days of Design

Challenge yourself to get inspired and get serious about turning your art into marketable surface designs. We walk you through creating designs to upload and sell.


Cover of the Spoonflower Handbook

Design Resources

Be inspired and learn how to design everything from surface designs to cut and sew patterns with guidance from Spoonflower and our community of talented designers.